Out Of Control Long Beach Government

May 17, 2016

Out of control Long Beach town government

The last four months have given anyone who has sat through city council meetings a small example of what to expect in the future. Unless stopped these politically unsophisticated petty elitist bureaucrats will pass through council any proposal that forwards their own agendas.

One obvious indisputable example is their quest to gain control of the town government. They would like nothing more than to be able to conceal questionable practices regardless of future consequences. The following examples of this are only the tip of the iceberg:

1) Using taxpayer money to pay legal expenses for a personal lawsuit by Pete (Byvoets) and Jane (Neulieb). Full amount according to town attorney not completely recovered.

2) Censorship of Lukman (Harris, Welsh & Lukman) bills by town attorney to prevent residents from reviewing what town legal fees are for.

3) Ridiculous waste of tax dollars (over $200,000.00) on a postage stamp sized park, a pet project overseen by Pete Byvoets’ daughter (Kendra Bartlett) without any survey to determine value to the community.

4) Ramrodding through by Pat Cannon of a comprehensive planning contract without review. This will be used to get recommendations that if implemented will effect the town for years to come.

5) Appointing by town president positions in the building commission, bza, comprehensive planning and immediate zoning of known alliance members. This rigging of the long beach committees by the council can ultimately cost the taxpayers untold legal fees and put unwarranted restrictions on residents.

6) Rampant nepotism with family members, board members and spouses appointed to town positions. Alliance corporate officers in key positions with power to make critical decisions. Comprehensive planning – Kathleen Geraghty and Pat Cannon, Bza – John Wall & Mike Gorman, Apc – Mike Gorman & Pat Cannon, all former or active alliance corporate officers. Byvoets’ daughter Kendra to Park Board. John Wall’s daughter secretary of bza. Joe Jogmen & Lenore Jogmen, Larry Wall, John Wall & John (Wall’s) daughter. The LBVFD (Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department) although not affiliated with the town is the worst. Some long time town employees don’t make as much as these new comers.

7) Finally, the demands of the Chief of a volunteer fire department which owns no equipment but has secured a no bid contract to use taxpayer dollars to protect Long Beach. This Fire Chief has repeatedly stated at town meetings that he can’t properly fight fires because of the structure heights and houses built on dunes. Changing codes now will not change the simple fact the while a code change will affect a small number of new homes it will not effect the town as a whole. Incredible as this may sound his demand for upwards of 2 million dollars to provide him with a new fire station and a new truck won’t change a thing but the town council is considering funding this fiasco.

Steps that should be taken:

Contact state representatives;

Alert the state ethics board;

Alert the prosecuting authorities;

Inform residents through the media and mailings.

All should be made aware of a mismanagement of tax dollars without accountability that border on criminal. When it comes to residents not being able to secure information on how the town money is used something must be done and done soon before it’s too late.


Robert Boyce,

Long Beach

Frank Parkerson


  1. From the LBCA Facebook page:
    Long Beach Community Alliance added 3 new photos.
    May 30 at 3:44pm ·
    ..Make sure to visit the newly renovated Melrose Park at Oriole Trail and Melrose. Outstanding job by the new Long Beach Town Council and new Park Board!
    Thank you for your persistence and dedication in getting this project completed and improving our community in the face of vocal opposition !
    How could anyone ever oppose such a positive addition to our community?
    This park will be enjoyed by our residents children and grandchildren for years to come!

  2. Actually, due to the lack of parking it will be enjoyed by a precious few residents. Was it really worth the nearly quarter million dollars we are paying for it?

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