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*Home owners in Long Beach take notice

The Town on its Website published projected capital expenses as high as $2,162,000.00. $1,400,000.00 of this figure, which is 65% of the capital expenditures projected, is targeted for equipment and facilities to be used by a privately run corporation.

The Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department (“LBVFD”) Corporation is not part of the Town of Long Beach but a contracted Fire Service that through a no-bid, open-ended contract uses Taxpayer funded equipment to provide fire protection to Long Beach. The Town, using its general fund, pays for this service. In addition the Town pays all vehicle and liability insurance, an incentive that includes retirement benefits, volunteer fire fighters association dues, disability and medical coverage for the volunteers, death and burial expenses. Moreover, the Town provides the LBVFD with a fire station and a business insurance policy to cover personal property free of charge. Note that this is business insurance because the LBVFD is a 501C-3 Corporation, a tax exempt, privately run business. The contract also allows the LBVFD to solicit other municipalities including but not limited to Duneland Beach, set a rate per home, and use taxpayer funded equipment and facilities to service these accounts.

Now Dave Albers, the provisional Fire Chief, wants his neighbor Peter Byvoets to buy a new truck and to remodel the fire station using 65% of the new capital expenditures the Board is seeking. Residents should remember that this is the same Fire Chief who publicly announced numerous times that he couldn’t properly fight fires in Long Beach because of logistics.

On September 7th at 10:00 a.m.,  a hearing to reimpose this tax is being held at the Long Beach Community Center. If you cannot attend and oppose this tax write or E-mail the Town Clerk (2400 Oriole Trail, Long Beach or and he will forward your letters and objections to LaPorte County Officials. (Your objection should contain your reasons why you believe a tax to buy a new fire station and fire engine are inappropriate.)

This tax is not a flat tax but one that discriminates and is determined by the value of your property as set by the LaPorte County Auditor. In layman’s terms the highest taxed property will pay the lion’s share which is another good reason to oppose it!

(Submitted by Robert Boyce)

Frank Parkerson

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