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Generally speaking I would like someone to do research to counter the ever typical Pete Byvoets smoke and mirrors rhetoric we are subject to at every Town Hall Meeting. This time in order to protect Dave Albers Volunteer Fire Service and keep financing its operation which has only answered two false alarms this year he sites comparison costs to Michigan City. These unsubstantiated figures were that Michigan City residents pay about $440.00 per household and if we used Michigan City we would pay the same. Long Beach has 1,220 homes that’s $536,800.00. However Albers can protect us by using Town equipment (remember the LBVFD has no equipment) only volunteers with blue lights and pagers for $44.00 per household 1,220 homes = $53,680.00 not the $28,000.00 figure like was always portrayed to residents, I suspect that it’s probably higher because the total cost to maintain facilities, equipment and benefits does not exist.

That being said can someone – anyone who’s interested contact the Shoreland Hills Home Owners Association and find out how much they pay per household to Michigan City for fire protection. Then find out from the Michigan City Clerk Treasurer how much is assessed per residence in Michigan City and how is it billed?

 Enough of this rabbit out of the hat City Council approach to justify playing fast and loose with Taxpayer dollars. What the Town really needs is a State audit. Knowledge is power and before you ask questions it helps to have the answers.

Anyone interested can e-mail me at:

Bob Boyce

Bob Boyce

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