Damage Control 101

For all who didn’t attend the March 12, 2018 Town Hall Meeting the main topic was an attempt to shift blame to the LaPorte County Health Department for the hardships that the irresponsible actions performed by Pete Byvoets and his hacks caused Lakefront Residents and Property Owners. Every month residents are invited to attend a Town Council meeting where the Council gets to display their incredible ignorance and arrogance for all to see. This time a new twist was added, an attempt at damage control. Last October the Lake caused a natural disaster at 2318 Lake Shore Drive impacting the septic. This was not caused by the Homeowners actions but a compromised sea wall. Most municipalities would have taken the prudent route and mobilized Town equipment to assist the Homeowner until the problem with the seawall and septic were corrected. But this town reacts different and Pete Byvoets accompanied by Joe Jogman went to the site not to assist the homeowner but instead to photograph the damaged wall and septic, Pete and Joe now in the company of Jim Neulieb and Pat Sharkey who more than likely viewed this as a golden opportunity to finish what Jeff Bartlett (Pete’s son-in-law) started 3 years ago at this exact location. (See attachment) This group wasted no time in going to the LaPorte County Health Department to complain that a breached septic was polluting the lake. This complaint backed the Health Department into a corner as decades ago a variance was provided to the 200 foot Ordinance for Long Beach. The original intent of this 200 foot separation of drinking water source and septic was crafted so farmers wouldn’t put their outhouse next to their well. So we can all give thanks to the Alliance and Pete who have wanted to punish a select group of homeowners they had a vendetta against since 2015. It’s through their efforts alone that caused this moratorium on installations and repair of existing lake front septic systems. It’s an undisputable fact that Municipalities on the lake when their Waste Treatment Plants are at full capacity bypass and release millions of gallons of raw sewage into Lake Michigan every year and the fact that Long Beach has no sanitary facilities at any Stops and none are planned for Stop 24. It’s not rocket science to connect the dots on what this was all about.

All this uproar by Pete, Sharkey and the Alliance should be viewed as a self-serving act that imposed hardships on all the Lake Front Property Owners and has resulted in Pete’s feeble attempt at damage control with his fact finding on sewers flyer. I’ve attached this so you can read the mitigating factors that his actions caused. When the septic was breached he could have assisted the homeowner but instead he chose to side with the Alliance and to add insult to injury after the homeowner contracted and applied for a permit to perform emergency repairs Pete directed the Town Attorney to sue them. The real jest of what was caused is in the first two paragraphs Mitigating Factors and Solutions the rest is Pete’s idea of damage control.

This is another one of Pete’s textbook attempts at “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S.” The only information worth deciphering on the flyer is that yes a Long Beach sewer system is way past due. The downside is it won’t become a reality soon enough to help those harmed by this one isolated incident. Not to be upstaged by Pete, Jane added that installation should be added to the flyer and when it was brought up that possibly some residents may not be able to use their bathrooms her reply was sarcastically “sure they can, they can pump and haul”. She then asked Pete if there was any chance the Moratorium would be lifted. His reply was NO!

I’m surprised with her vast knowledge she didn’t recommend chamber pots although I feel that it would be more practical to have Larry Wall issue himself permits to build outhouses and have Lou Mellen inspect them.

Bottom line here is 128 residents are being punished for one compromised septic. None of this should have reached this level and most likely wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the Alliance and the Towns crusade against Lakefront Homeowners. It’s shameful that Long Beach has a group of shallow one dimensional residents, some of which reside in key positions in Town Government that have fallen into lockstep with the radical Alliance mission to portray all Lakefront Property Owners as unwelcome intruders, What is equally as disturbing is that so many of the low information well-meaning residents are ignorant enough to buy into this alliance propaganda.

I’m going to add my personal belief here which everyone should judge for its content. Anytime somebody singularly or in a group decides to cause harm to another person, monetary or by restricting and reducing their quality of life I consider it a spiteful and in many cases an Evil Act. Those affected by this moratorium are our neighbors and many of them are not rich nor live in large houses contrary to what Sharkey implies, for many living in Long Beach on the lake it was the realization of a dream. Now we have a cancerous element in Long Beach that want’s to destroy what many have worked all their lives to attain. It’s hard to turn the other cheek when your property rights and for many the one single biggest investment some residents will ever make is under constant assault by a small group of residents who wish to impose their will on their neighbors. Truth be known this group has relentlessly devoted all their available time to elevating arrogance and ignorance to a science level, they refuse to accept responsibility for the hardships and monetary damage they have created.  Their reasoning is simple. “What we believe is right, must be right otherwise we would not believe it”.  Personality traits, values and respect are formulated at a very early age and that being said the animosity and contempt they display against residents they have never met is not the result of their affiliation with the Alliance this is a character flaw that most likely goes all the way back to childhood. The affiliation with the Alliance is only the vehicle that affords these individuals the opportunity to act out showing their true personality.

If anyone thinks that change is possible it will most likely go from bad to worse.

The election clock is ticking and soon it will be too late just like last time.

Bob Boyce

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