When You Think Green Think Green Demolition

I find it curious that when the Town decides to do a project like the demolition of the Pump House impacting the beach that the Alliance supporters who according to Sharkey are 400 concerned Long Beach Residents are nowhere to be found.

When Oakley decided to build on the beach activist Jane (No not Jane Fonda) Jane Neulieb had a photo shoot in front of a bulldozer while she pretended to stop construction. Where’s Pat Sharkey now, Tom King, David Shevitz, Jeff Bartlett, the LeMay’s, Pete, Joe Jogman, John Wall, Jim Neulieb? No hysterics, not a murmur from any of them. They must all be still in hibernation or just maybe it doesn’t fit their agenda because it doesn’t involve Lake Front Homeowners. Here we have a project with no final plan, no Demolition Permit, no Plat of Survey, no Topographical Survey, no D.N.R. Permit, no Land Disturbance Permit, no Demolition Permit, no Road Impact Survey, no I.D.E.M. Phase 2 and with Global stating publicly that the contractor is going to cap and abandon 2 water intake pipes 300 feet long in the lake for someone else to deal with (wonder if the D.N.R. would like this?) and no Public outcry, go figure.

Nick when asked about the demolition says he isn’t concerned about the existence of Pump House Engineering drawings, it’s a done deal. Global says the Contractor is responsible for everything, so who’s in charge? Maybe the whole dune will collapse? I can’t wait to see the next Taxpayer funded project after Melrose Park and the Pump House they will probably give Albers Private Corporation the two million dollar expenditure he’s been lobbying for in order to house his 501C-3 Corporation. Then after he takes possession of Taxpayer Equipment he’ll charge the Town for using it. Then do the Town an additional favor by expensing $5,000.00 out to the Town half of the $10,000.00 he collects from Duneland for protecting them with Long Beach Taxpayer Funded Equipment. Do the math here, invest two million then loan it out to the LBVFD to protect another municipality for $13.69 a day, great deal don’t you think? Oh but wait until you see Pete’s Shoreline Protection Ordinance it will reinforce why now the Town is now referred to as “Wrong Beach”. Has a nice ring to it don’t you think, maybe Nick can incorporate it into his 30 foot welcome sign.

Bob Boyce

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